Our people

We like to say 'our experience matters', because it reminds us that our employees are the foundation of Frasers Property's success.
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Corporate wellness

The well-being of our employees matter. Our Corporate Wellness team organises a comprehensive suite of activities aimed at promoting collaboration, teamwork and personal well-being. Our annual Health & Safety Month also helps drive home the importance of occupational health and safety to our colleagues.

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Caring for our Frasers family

Our employees' families are also part of our Frasers family. We organise our Family Day annually for employees and their families to bond. We also offer the Frasers Property Bursary Award to children of colleagues in Singapore as our way of investing in our colleagues and in the next generation.

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Staff benefits and policies

Wherever we operate across the globe, we recognise and reward our staff with benefits and policies that enable their personal and professional development. Gender equity and diversity matter to us, and we provide programmes and benefits such as retirement plans, parental leave, medical insurance, bonuses and share plans aligned to the employment markets in which we operate. For example, in Singapore we support employees who wish to stay in their jobs post retirement, in accordance with the Retirement and Re-employment Act. And in Australia we are a proud member of Property Male Champions of Change, committed to gender equity in the Australian property industry.

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Training and development

Because we believe 'our experience matters', we invest in our people. We know that a progressive leadership team and a well-educated workforce empowered to innovate are central to our success. Our in-house training teams offer a wide range of courses through our learning directory, and bespoke training needs are readily accommodated. We commit 2% of payroll to staff training and development and in FY17 we exceeded our ambitious target of 40 training hours on average, per employee, per year.

Our fundamental focus is to ensure that each employee has a safe work environment. We are mindful that our business operations may be vulnerable to safety incidents so we continue to implement workplace safety management systems across key business operations to identify and control hazards, monitor performance and identify areas for improvement. Safety is always top of mind.

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