Our Approach

Sustainability is a key contributor to our success and our unifying idea is at the core of all we do. Frasers Property’s unifying idea is experience matters, that both our customers’ experience and our experience matter. Frasers Property aims to leverage opportunities provided by sustainability to enhance the experiences of both our customers and our employees.

We aspire to be a leader and set industry benchmarks in building sustainable communities. We will continue to embrace a progressive mindset and collaborate with our stakeholders on a holistic sustainability journey towards fulfilling our aspirations.

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Sustainability Report

Frasers Property published its first sustainability report in 2015, and has since continued to do so annually. We monitor and report on the key aspects of sustainability that matter most to our business and our stakeholders, as well as disclose related targets and plans here.

Our sustainability report shares detailed information about our material topics and, key sustainability initiatives during the year. Our report is prepared in accordance with the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited Listing Manual (Rules 711A and 711B), and the Global Reporting Initiative Standards “Comprehensive” including GRI G4’s Construction and Real Estate Sector supplements.

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