FLCT - Trust Structure

The above presents a simplified trust structure for FLCT as of 31 March 2022. The industrial and commercial properties owned by FLCT are held through various intermediate entities comprising subsidiaries/trusts/sub-trusts.

  1. Industrial properties located in Australia are held through a wholly-owned subsidiary and trust/sub-trusts of FLCT. Industrial properties located in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are held through wholly-owned subsidiaries of FLCT
  2. Commercial properties located in Singapore and Australia and Farnborough Business Park in the UK are held through FCOT, a wholly-owned sub-trust of FLCT. The trustee of FCOT is British and Malayan Trustees Limited. Maxis Business Park and Blythe Valley Park in the UK are held through wholly-owned subsidiaries and trusts of FLCT

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Trust structure