FLCT - Trust Structure

The above presents a simplified trust structure for FLCT as of 30 September 2022. The industrial and commercial properties owned by FLCT are held through various intermediate entities comprising subsidiaries/trusts/sub-trusts.

  1. Industrial properties located in Australia are held through a wholly-owned subsidiary and trust/sub-trusts of FLCT. Industrial properties located in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are held through wholly-owned subsidiaries and trusts of FLCT
  2. Alexandra Technopark in Singapore, Central Park, Caroline Chisholm Centre and 357 Collins Street in Australia, as well as Farnborough Business Park in the UK are held through FCOT, a wholly-owned sub-trust of FLCT. The trustee of FCOT is British and Malayan Trustees Limited. Maxis Business Park and Blythe Valley Park in the UK, as well as 545 Blackburn Road in Australia are held through wholly-owned subsidiaries and trusts/sub-trusts of FLCT
  3. Excludes the property at 2-46 Douglas Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia which was divested on 24 October 2022
  4. Investment property under development

Trust structure