FCT is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which was a groupwide strategic goal announced by Frasers Property Group in January 2021.


As part of the Frasers Property Group, we are cognisant of the impact that our business operations and assets have on climate change and the environment. Together with the steering and working groups within the Frasers Property organisation, we made progress in many areas in our journey towards the net-zero carbon mission goal.


We invite you to visit the respective sections below which covers our Sustainability Reports and our newly established Sustainable Finance Framework, among other resources, which might be useful for you to understand our sustainability journey.


a) Sustainability Reports

b) Sustainable Finance Framework

c) Independent Assurance Report for FCT’s Sustainable Finance Framework

d) BCA Green Mark Status of our properties

e) GRESB Assessment

Sustainability Reports


We are pleased to present our Sustainability Reports in this web page. Environmental, social and governance sustainability are important parts of our business and for our stakeholders. We believe it is important for our stakeholders to be informed of the efforts that we undertake in order to realise our vision for a sustainable future. This Sustainability Report will be published annually. We will report on the performance and strategy on the material issues to our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability report is produced based on the guidelines laid out by the Global Reporting Initiative ("GRI"), an international standard for sustainability reporting. The report meets the GRI's G4 Core requirements and accounts for the Construction and Real Estate Sector Disclosures. The scope of our Sustainability Report covers all properties owned by Frasers Centrepoint Trust.

FY 2022 (Year ended 30 September 2022)

FY 2021 (Year ended 30 September 2021)

FY 2020 (Year ended 30 September 2020)

FY 2019 (Year ended 30 September 2019)

FY 2018 (Year ended 30 September 2018)

FY 2017 (Year ended 30 September 2017)

FY 2016 (Year ended 30 September 2016)

FY 2015 (Year ended 30 September 2015)


Sustainable Finance Framework


Frasers Centrepoint Trust (“FCT”) is committed to developing sustainable financing practices that are in line with international standards and guidelines and intends to actively leverage on financing opportunities to achieve our sustainability goals.


FCT established its sustainable finance framework on 17 December 2021.
Please click the link below to view the document:

Independent Assurance Report for FCT’s Sustainable Finance Framework


FCT engaged Deloitte & Touche LLP to provide independent assurance on FCT’s Sustainable Finance Framework (“Framework”), that the overarching criteria and guidelines of the Framework are in accordance with:

  1. the Green Bond Principles 2021;
  2. the Sustainability Bond Guidelines 2021 issued by the International Capital Market Association; and
  3. the Green Loan Principles 2021 issued by the Loan Market Association, Asia Pacific Loan Market Association and Loan Syndications and Trading Association


BCA Green Mark Status of our properties

Nine retail properties and the office property Central Plaza in FCT’s property portfolio received Gold or better Green Mark Certification awarded by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore. The certification for each building is valid three years from the year of issue. More information on the terms and conditions governing the BCA Green Mark Award can be obtained from BCA’s website at: https://www1.bca.gov.sg/buildsg/sustainability/green-mark-certification-scheme

Property Description of Award Year of Issue / Renewal Expiry
Causeway Point BCA Green Mark Gold
(GM: 2021 In Operation)
2023 September 2026
Waterway Point BCA Green Mark GoldPlus 2021 April 2024
Tampines 1 BCA Green Mark GoldPlus 2022 February 2025
Northpoint City North Wing BCA Green Mark Gold
(GM:2021 In Operation)
2023 September 2026
Tiong Bahru Plaza BCA Green Mark Platinum 2022 November 2024
Central Plaza BCA Green Mark Platinum 2022 November 2024
Century Square BCA Green Mark Platinum 2021 February 2024
Changi City Point BCA Green Mark Gold
(GM:2021 In Operation)
2023 September 2026
White Sands BCA Green Mark Platinum 2021 August 2024
Hougang Mall BCA Green Mark Platinum 2022 November 2025

GRESB Assessment


The GRESB Real Estate Assessments benchmarks real estate funds and companies worldwide based on information relating to their ESG performance and sustainability best practices, based on consistent methodology across geography, investment vehicles and property types and it is aligned with international reporting frameworks. More information available from https://gresb.com/nl-en/real-estate-assessment/

According to GRESB, the assessment result is a set of high-quality and validated data that investors and participants can use in their investment, engagement and decision-making processes.

FCT has been a participant of the GRESB Assessment since 2019 and we are proud to receive the 5-Stars award for the 2022 Assessment.

If you need more information about FCT’s GRESB Real Estate Assessment results for 2022, please contact our Investor Relations at ir@fraserscentrepointtrust.com


GRESB 2022