Leveraging Our Sustainability Core

As part of Frasers Property, FHT’s sustainability strategy is closely aligned with the Group’s Sustainability Framework. The three pillars of our Sustainability Framework — Acting Progressively, Consuming Responsibly and Focusing on People — continue to guide our approach and key priorities through to 2030. Branching off from the key pillars are 13 ESG-related focus areas which are adapted to suit our hospitality business and operations.

FHT’s framework also encompasses specific goals and targets, including the five long-term goals which had been established by the Group in 2020:

  • To be a net zero carbon corporation by 2050
  • To be climate-resilient and establish adaptation and mitigation plans by 2024
  • To green-certify 80% of our owned and asset-managed properties by 2024
  • To fund majority of our sustainable asset portfolios with green or sustainable financing by 2024
  • To train all our employees on sustainability by 2021

To support these goals, we have identified key goals and targets to drive our sustainability agenda across our portfolio. We have started developing action plans to achieve our goals and measure our performance against tangible targets.

Progressive Thinking

The Year At A Glance

Acting Progressively
Acting Progressively
Acting Progressively

Board Statement

This past year heralded major shifts to our business and industry as the ongoing pandemic necessitated that we adapt to new ways of living. Our primary focus at FHT continued to be to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, guests and stakeholders. Yet, as the hospitality industry begins to slowly rebound and evolve to be more resilient than before, we are confident that there will be a strong demand for responsible travel and tourism in years to come. This shared belief drove us to strategically leverage our resources this year and zero in on addressing the environmental and social impact on FHT’s portfolio.

In FY2021, we put in place several initiatives to reduce waste production, as well as energy and water usage, in our properties. We continued to harness digitalisation and innovation, both to reduce negative environmental impact on our operations as well as to enhance our guests’ experiences and meet evolving needs. Furthermore, we recognise that sustainability impact extends beyond our operations and can have repercussions on our supply chain. We have begun to engage with our key suppliers on our Responsible Sourcing Policy and will work in partnership with them for the next few years to address environmental and social risks in their own operations. In implementing these key initiatives, we continued to be guided by Frasers Property’s sustainability framework and goals, including our common goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions across our value chain by 2050. We made measurable progress against these goals by executing the action plans that we had developed in previous years, and by leveraging our strong sustainability core.

Our sustainability strategy is executed by the Sustainability Task Force comprising the management team of the REIT Manager. Supported by the Sustainability Task Force, our Board of Directors determines, monitors and manages the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues material to FHT, provides strategic directions on sustainability, as well as oversees the standards, management processes and strategies needed to achieve sustainability targets for the business.

We invite you to read about our latest progress and achievements in FHT’s 7th Sustainability Report. Thank you for supporting us along this journey, and we look forward to working with you to deliver good progress on the sustainability front.


Board of Directors
Frasers Hospitality Asset Management Pte. Ltd.
REIT Manager of Frasers Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust

Frasers Hospitality Trust Management Pte. Ltd.
Trustee-Manager of Frasers Hospitality Business Trust

Acting Progressively

We are committed to upholding high standards of integrity and integrating effective corporate governance practices into the way we make decisions and manage risks.


Our Approach

  • Robust policies drive our sustainability approach to enhance business resilience and deliver our business and sustainability objectives
  • We strive to adopt responsible practices across our businesses, and to measure and benchmark our performance – for instance, by participating in recognised green building certifications schemes

Our Goals and Progress

Progressive Thinking

Consuming Responsibly

We recognise that we have an active part to play in reducing the environmental footprint of our operations and value chain. Driven by our Group-wide goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, we strive for responsible consumption and efficient operations in all our hotels and serviced residences. We are cognisant of the shift in expectations amongst our customers and guests who increasingly prioritise responsible tourism. For FHT’s properties to remain destinations of choice, it is imperative that we align our practices with customers’ expectations.


Our Approach

  • Institute policies that drive positive environmental and social outcomes
  • Promote sustainable practices and encourage our employees, customers and property operators to reduce their environmental footprint together with us

Our Goals and Progress

Progressive Thinking

Focusing On People

We believe that people are our most valuable assets and that a resilient culture is fundamental to our growth and success. We are committed to creating positive and meaningful experiences with our employees, guests and the wider community, and we strive to harness innovation and best-in-class service to delight our customers and exceed their evolving expectations.


Our Approach

  • Establish policies that focus on building our human capital and contributing positively to the communities
  • Foster a culture of diversity and inclusion to connect with our stakeholders

Our Goals and Progress

Progressive Thinking

FHT's Sustainability Reports

You can download FHT's Sustainability Reports from the links below: