1. The REIT Manager provides management services to FLT Europe B.V.
  2. HAUT refers to “FLT Australia Trust”, a head Australian trust which holds the units in the Sub-Trusts. The investment manager of the HAUT (the “HAUT Manager”) is FLT Australia Management Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the REIT Manager. The HAUT Manager is incorporated in Australia.
  3. The REIT Trustee directly holds 50% of the issued units in the HAUT, and the remaining 50% is held by FLT Australia Pte. Ltd. (a Singapore- incorporated company that is wholly-owned by the REIT Trustee). Under the Australian Corporations Act, an Australian managed investment trust (“MIT”) must be held by at least two unitholders.
  4. The trustee of the HAUT (the “HAUT Trustee”) is Frasers Property Funds Management Limited, an Australian incorporated company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Frasers Property Australia Pty Limited (“FPA”), which is in turn wholly-owned by FPL. The HAUT Trustee holds an Australian financial services licence and is a regulated entity in Australia.
  5. The FLT Australian Portfolio is held by FLT through the HAUT which holds 66 wholly-owned sub-trusts in Australia (the “Sub-Trusts”).
  6. The 11 trustees of the various Sub-Trusts are Australian incorporated companies and are wholly-owned by FLT (the “Sub-Trust Trustees”, and each a “Sub-Trust Trustee” as trustee of its respective Sub-Trust).
  7. The property manager for the FLT Australian Portfolio is Frasers Property Australia Management Services Pty Limited (the “Australian Property Manager”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of FPA.
  8. The property manager for the FLT European Portfolio is FPE Advisory B.V. (the “European Property Manager”), a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of FPL.

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