Rodney Vaughan Fehring

Non-Executive Director
Date of first appointment as director Length of service as Director (as at 30 September 2018)
11 February 2019 N.A.

Board Committees served on:

  • Nil

Academic & Professional Qualification(s):

  • Bachelor of Applied Science, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Graduate Diploma in Sports Administration, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Graduate Diploma in Urban & Regional Planning, RMIT University, Australia
  • Diploma, Advanced Management Program, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Present directorships in other companies (as at 30 September 2018)

Listed companies

  • Nil

Listed REITS/ Trusts

  • Nil


  • Certain subsidiaries of FLT
  • FLT Australia Management Pty Ltd
  • Certain subsidiaries of Frasers Property Australia Pty Ltd

Major Appointments (other than directorships):

  • Chief Executive Officer, Frasers Property Australia

Past Directorships in listed companies held over the preceding 3 years
(from 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2018):

  • Nil

Past Major Appointments:

  • Executive General Manager, Residential, Frasers Property Australia
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Lend Lease Primelife Ltd


  • Nil

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