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Redefining Property in the United Kingdom

When your outlook is global, you see the world differently. Frasers Property is a truly international property development company, currently active in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and, via our parent company Frasers Property Limited, in Singapore, China, Thailand and Vietnam. We are constantly scouring the world for innovative design or technological initiatives to bring to local markets, and interpreting new concepts for local conditions. We love to work with the very best architects and designers the world has to offer, as our collection of current and future developments will attest.

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About Frasers Property

Frasers Property has businesses in Singapore, Australia, Southeast Asia, China and Europe, and our well-established hospitality footprint spans over 80 cities across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

About Frasers Property Australia

Frasers Property’s businesses in Australia comprise Frasers Property Australia (FPA) and the industrial REIT, Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust (FLT).

FPA (incorporating Australand from late 2014) is one of Australia’s leading property companies, having been involved in property development since 1924. Its current operations are focused on investment in income-producing office and industrial properties, commercial and industrial property development and management and residential development (including land, housing and apartments). 

FPA has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. It also maintains a residential sales office in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

FLT currently owns a portfolio of Australian industrial properties and is listed in Singapore. Its portfolio comprises 61 industrial properties concentrated within major industrial markets in Australia, predominantly being in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Coupled with properties in Adelaide and Perth, FLT’s total portfolio is valued at A$1.91 billion as at 30 September 2017.

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