Inclusive Spaces

Committed to building inclusive spaces and communities

Why Inclusivity?

Diversity and inclusion are among Frasers Property’s corporate priorities. We believe that everyone has the right to be an integral part of a community. And one way we address this is to create spaces that allow for physical, functional and social inclusion.

“For us, real estate is more than brick and mortar; it is about creating places where people can thrive, building communities, and shaping lives. We believe that our customers' experiences matter and we are committed to creating memorable and enriching experiences for them.”
- Panote Sirivadhanabhakdi, Group CEO, Frasers Property Limited

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2019 Theme

2019's theme focuses on mall inclusivity for persons with physical disabilities. Research has found that more than 60% of persons with disabilities in Singapore report feeling excluded from the workplace and society. Much existing infrastructure is designed for the “average” person, but communal experiences are created and lived out in public spaces by everyone. Malls are important places of engagement where diverse groups of people are seen and heard and interact with each other.


Decide on your own specific challenge to solve as you interact with participating persons with physical disabilities and journey with them to find out their experiences while visiting our malls.

Inclusive Spaces Programme





6 Apr, Sat

08:30 - 09:00


Alexandra Technopark

Block C (The Hub), Function room

09:00 - 10:00

Sharing by Frasers Property on “Creating Inclusive Shopping Malls"

10:00 - 11:00

Sharing by Persons with Physical Disabilities on "Thought Process, Mental Models & Challenges of Visiting Shopping Malls"

11:00 - 11:15 Break

11:15 - 11:45

Design Thinking 101 (Lecture)

11:45 - 12:10 "How to Ace a Hackathon" Masterclass by Agrim Singh
12:10 - 12:15  Introducing the Mentors

12:15 - 13:15

Lunch (Provided)

13:15 - 16:15

Introduction to Inclusive User Experience Design (Lecture and Mini-Workshops)

16:15 - 16:30


16:30 - 17:00 1-Min Rapid Fire Pitching of Ideas by Participants 

17:00 - 18:00


7 Apr, Sun

11:00 - 13:00

Empathy in a Box (Disability Edition) Session 1

Northpoint City

13:15 - 13:45


13:45 - 15:45

Experiential journey

15:45 - 16:15

De-brief and Q&A session

16:15 - 18:15

Empathy in a Box (Disability Edition) Session 2

20 Apr, Sat

08:30 - 09:00

Team Setup

Alexandra Technopark

Block C (The Hub), Function room

09:00 - 09:30

Registration of Guests

09:30 - 10:00

Opening Address

10:00 - 12:00


12:00 - 12:30

Judges Deliberation and Coffee Break for Guests

12:30 - 13:00

Prize Presentation and Team Photo-taking

13:00 - 14:00

Post-Hackathon Continuity Planning with Winning Team(s)

Inclusive Spaces Hackathon
Terms and Conditions



  1. By participating in the Inclusive Spaces hackathon (the “Hackathon”) organised by (these)abilities Pte. Ltd. and sponsored by Frasers Property Corporate Services (each an “Organiser”, collectively “Organisers”), Participant is agreeing to be, and shall be, bound by these terms and conditions and all amendments, additions, replacements and modifications hereto as may be made from time to time by Organisers. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, “Participant” means a person who participates in the Hackathon.


  2. Eligibility


    1. The Hackathon is open to only individual persons who:


      1. are at least 18 years of age;


      2. have received an official invitation from an Organiser, their educational institution or other official channels designated by an Organiser; and


      3. are currently enrolled students at a tertiary institution in Singapore.


      Corporate or other entities are not eligible to participate in the Hackathon. Organisers reserve the right to request a Participant to present any relevant information to ascertain eligibility.


    2. Any person who is:


      1. an employee of: (i) any Organisers and their related companies; and (ii) principal sponsors and other entities related to the Hackathon and their respective related corporations; and/or


      2. involved in the development, production and distribution of materials for the Hackathon,


      and the immediate family members of, or individuals who reside in the same household as, such aforementioned persons, are not eligible to enter or participate in the Hackathon.


  3. Hackathon Period: The Hackathon shall be for the period starting at 9:00 AM on 6th April 2019 and ending at 1:00 PM on 20th April 2019 (“Hackathon Period”). Organisers reserve the right to amend the Hackathon Period at any time without any prior notice.


  4. How to Participate


    1. Apply as an individual or as a pre-formed Eligible Team by 5:00 PM, 3rd April 2019.


    2. Accepted individuals / Eligible Teams will receive an official invitation to the Hackathon by Organisers by 11:59pm, 3rd April 2019 and recipients must accept the invitation within the timeline stipulated in the invitation.


    Eligible Team” means a team of two to four Participants of which one Participant must be with a physical disability which, for the purposes of this Hackathon, is defined as a person who requires a mobility aid including but not limited to wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and walking sticks.


  5. Rules and Operation of Hackathon


    1. Team-based participation consisting of 12 Eligible Teams approved by Organisers (such team, a “Participating Team”). Individuals without a team would be matched and allocated a team by Organisers on Day 1 of the Hackathon.


    2. Switching of teams is allowed only on Day 1 and Organisers will aid those who need help in team matching.


    3. Organisers are not responsible for, and will not assist in resolving, any disputes between team members.


    4. Each Participating Team must attend all three (3) days of planned activities and undertake a level of prototyping and testing of their solutions independently and at their discretion between 8th April 2019 and 19th April 2019.


    5. Each Participating Team will be required to adopt inclusive and innovative solutions to build inclusive shopping mall experiences using solutions, platforms and tools of each Participating Team’s choosing. Organisers are impartial to the nature of the solution, be it technology-based, design-based, marketing-based et al, as long as it proves to be an improved inclusive experience.


    6. Each Participating Team may only submit one entry (the “Entry”). Entries that do not include all required information and do not adhere to the terms herein shall be void, as determined by Organisers in their sole discretion. Organisers may, at their sole discretion, remove, delete and/or disqualify any Entry if it is non-compliant with these terms and conditions.


    7. Organisers reserve the right to:


      1. reject or disqualify any Entry which is in breach or may be in breach of any third party intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark and rights protecting confidential information;


      2. exclude any Participating Team, Participant, potential participant or potential team, from the Hackathon at any time without notice; and


      3. pursue legal action against any Participant whom they believe has undertaken fraudulent activities or other activities which may damage or interfere with the Hackathon.


  6. Scoring of Entries


    1. A panel appointed by Organisers will judge each Entry based on the following criteria:


      1. Design/Innovation/Originality (25%);


      2. Solution Effectiveness/Practical Implementation (25%);


      3. Level of Inclusivity (15%);


      4. Community Interaction (15%);


      5. Quality of Pitch (10%); and


      6. Commitment to Implementation (10%).


    2. Evaluation of the Entries will take place during the period starting on 9:00 AM on 20th April 2019 and ending on 1:00 PM on 20th April 2019, as may be amended by Organisers from time to time (the “Judging Period”). Each Participating Team must be available during the Judging Period to present their Entry to the panel.


    3. Winners will be determined based on the highest scores awarded by the panel.


    4. Organisers’ decision with respect to this Hackathon or any part thereof shall be final and binding and no correspondence (verbal or written) shall be entertained. Organisers shall not be obliged to give any reasons or enter into any correspondence with any person(s) on any matter concerning the Hackathon.


  7. Prizes and Awards


    1. The top two Participating Teams will receive the following prizes per team respectively:


      1. First prize: $2,000.00 (Singapore Dollars); and


      2. Second prize: $1,000.00 (Singapore Dollars).


    Prizes are subject to all applicable taxes and/or foreign duties (if any). Such taxes and/or foreign duties (if any) are the sole responsibility of the winners.


    When claiming the prize, the winning teams must undertake to be committed to explore ways to refine and implement their solutions in malls operated by the Organisers or their related companies. The first prize winners will be paid in two Fifty Percent (50%) tranches, the first by 30 April 2019 and the second on 20 June 2019 or at the completion of the implementation of the solution, whichever is sooner. The second prize winners will receive their prize in full by 30 April 2019.

  8. Privacy and Release


    1. Each Participant agrees that Organisers may use all personal data relating to him or her, collected by any Organiser, for the purposes of organising and managing the Hackathon and for the purposes set out in


    2. It is a condition precedent for participation in the Hackathon that all Participants consent to the public disclosure and use of their names, depictions, photographs, pictures, images or likenesses for publicity purposes and to otherwise participate in the publicity activities of Organisers in relation to the Hackathon (including the posting of such names, depictions, photographs, pictures, images or likenesses on Instagram, Facebook and/or other media by Organisers), without payment or compensation thereof. In addition, each Participant hereby gives Organisers and/or their advertising and promotion agencies permission to use his or her name, picture, image and/or voice for publicity purposes connected with this promotion without additional compensation.


  9. Liability & Responsibility


    1. Participants shall assume full liability and responsibility in the event of any liability, mishap, injury, loss, damage, claim or accident resulting from their participation in the Hackathon, redemption and/or usage of the prizes.


    2. All costs, fees and/or related expenses that are incurred during the participation in Hackathon and/or during the redemption of the prizes are the sole responsibility of the winners/Participants.


    3. Each Participant hereby releases each Organiser, their related companies, authorised agencies and sponsors, and the directors, officers, employees and assignees thereof, completely from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, expenses, damages, attorneys’ fees, obligations and suits, of any kind, in law, equity or otherwise, whether known or unknown, disclosed and undisclosed, now or hereafter arising, in connection with or in any way arising from the Hackathon and/or the prizes redeemed or awarded in relation thereto (including the use thereof by any person).


    4. Each Participant hereby agrees to fully indemnify and hold each Organiser and each of their related companies, authorised agencies and sponsors, and the directors, officers, employees and assignees thereof (the “Indemnified Parties”) harmless from and against any and all claims, loss or damage (including but not limited to economic loss, loss of or damage to any property or injury to or death of any person and any legal costs) that may be suffered or incurred by any of the Indemnified Parties arising whether directly or indirectly from:


      1. any negligent act or omission or wilful default, misconduct or fraud of Participant;


      2. any action or claim whatsoever brought against Participant in connection with any breach of the terms and conditions hereunder; and


      3. any claim by a third party against any Indemnified Parties in respect of i. and ii. above.


    5. Each Organiser and their related companies, authorised agencies and any sponsor associated with the Hackathon shall not be held liable for any failure or omission to carry out the Hackathon in accordance with these terms and conditions or for any loss or damage suffered by Participant if such failure, omission, loss or damage arises out of or in connection with any event of force majeure, including without limitation any calamity or conditions, acts of God, war or warlike hostilities, civil commotion, riots, blockades, embargoes, sabotages, strikes, fires, lockouts, shortages of material or labour, terrorist activity, epidemic, quarantine restrictions, health risk or any defect, failure, interruption, breakdown or malfunction of any machine, computer system, data processing system or transmission link, or any other occurrence beyond the reasonable control of an Organiser and their related companies, authorised agencies and any sponsor associated with the Hackathon, as the case may be.


  10. General


    1. The invalidity or unenforceability of any of the provisions in these terms and conditions shall not adversely affect or impair the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions.


    2. The Hackathon, and these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore, and Participant submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore in the determination of any matter or dispute arising in connection therewith.


    3. These terms and conditions are not intended to confer rights on any third party, whether pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B) or otherwise, and no third party shall have any right to enforce any provision of these terms and conditions.


    4. In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions by Participant, each Organiser’s failure to enforce these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of these terms and conditions, and such failure shall not affect the right later to enforce these terms and conditions. Each Organiser would still be entitled to use its rights and remedies in any other situation where Participant breaches these terms and conditions.

Register & FAQs

Register here (for Tertiary Students, regardless of abilities)


Register here (for Persons with Physical Disabilities)



  1.  Who can join this hackathon?
  2. Students who are currently enrolled at a tertiary institution in Singapore who are at least 18 years of age may register to participate.

  3.  What is the maximum team size?
  4. The maximum team size is 2-3 students per team. Each team will then be matched with a participant with a physical disability in a (2+1) or (3+1) format.

  5.  Do I need to form a team during registration?
  6. No, teams will be formed on Day 1 of the programme. However, pre-formed teams are welcome too.

  7.  If I form my own team, can I source for a person with a physical disability on my own?
  8. Yes, you may. The person with a physical disability must register for Inclusive Spaces, or you must indicate in your team application that there is a team mate with a physical disability.

  9.  What if my team member has a disability apart from a physical disability?
  10. All persons with disabilities are welcome to join Inclusive Spaces. However, every team is required to have one member who has a physical disability.

  11.  What is a person with a physical disability?
  12. For the purposes of Inclusive Spaces, a person with a physical disability is defined as a person who requires a mobility aid including but not limited to wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and walking sticks. We understand that the traditional definition of “physical disability” encompasses the blind and deaf as well, and we welcome them to participate, but do note that the problem statements for this competition would centre around mobility challenges.

  13.  What ideas can I bring to the hackathon?
  14. You can bring ideas old or new, as long as it is your original work. For existing ideas, you must be committed to making substantial improvements/changes throughout the course of the hackathon.

  15.  Can I apply with an existing idea/prototype/solution?
  16. Yes, you can on the premise that you own the rights to the existing idea/prototype/solution and that there will be significant improvements/changes to your existing solution throughout the course of Inclusive Spaces.

  17.  Is this hackathon free?
  18. There is no participation fee.

  19.  Will I have to pay for my prototype?
  20. You may claim back the cost of your prototype components on a reimbursement basis on 20 April 2019. Claims will be limited to a total of SGD100 per team. Do note that official receipts will need to be provided for verification of expenses.

  21.  Why are only tertiary students, aged 18 and above eligible to apply?
  22. This hackathon also serves as an exploratory platform for Frasers Property to discover potential talents to hire.

  23.  When am I supposed to avail myself?
  24. You should be present on 6th April, 9am - 6pm (Alexandra Technopark), 7th April, 11am - 6pm (Northpoint City) & 20th April, 9am - 1pm (Alexandra Technopark).
    You should also make time during the 8th - 19th April period to work on your team’s prototype. How much time you should allocate to this is up to your team although we do recommend at least 2-3 hours/day to cater time for building, testing and iteration as well as a pitch coaching session by (these)abilities. A mid-point check-in with your assigned mentors will also be scheduled.

  25.  How much time should I allocate for the self-paced, independent hacking?
  26. This is up to your team although we do recommend at least 2-3 hours/day to cater time for building, testing and iteration as well as a pitch coaching session by (these)abilities and a mid-point check-in with your assigned mentors.

  27.  What if I don’t have a technology-based solution?
  28. We are open to all types of solutions as long as they promote greater inclusion for persons with physical disabilities in shopping malls. No specific type of solutioning will gain favourable preference. Some examples of solutions we’re open to include but are not limited to: Product Design, User Experience Design, Software Development, Embedded Systems, Architecture, Urban Planning/Place-making, Service Design, Marketing/Communications. Prototypes (where applicable) need to be at a working/functional level for pitching, and should include a certain level of user testing validation done during the independent hacking period (8th - 19th April).

  29.  What are you scoring the solutions on?
  30. (i) Design/Innovation/Originality (25%)
    Based on a combination of innovativeness & originality.

    (ii) Solution Effectiveness/Practical Implementation (25%)
    Based on a combination of how effective the solution could potentially be in the field, and its likelihood of implementation in the field.

    (iii) Level of Inclusivity (15%)
    Based on the rigour and number of types of physical disabilities (and other disabilities, if applicable) that can be addressed by the solution.

    (iv) Community Interaction (15%)
    Based on the level of interaction the team has had in engaging the physically disabled community (as user testers and team members) whilst building their solutions.

    (v) Quality of Pitch (10%)
    Based on the quality of the team’s presentation of their solution to our panel of judges.

    (vi) Commitment to Implementation (10%)
    Based on the team’s willingness to work with Frasers Property beyond the hackathon to see their solution to fruition via implementation in shopping malls.

  31.  What support will I get?
  32. Participants, regardless of ability, will get support in the form of knowledge acquisition and empathy building through talks and workshops, mentorship from Frasers Property, (these)abilities as well as disability experts. Teams will also get access to prototyping budgets & user testers on a needs basis.

  33.  What are the prizes for Inclusive Spaces?
  34. There are 2 prizes. Top Prize of SGD 2,000 and 2nd Prize of SGD 1,000.

  35.  What is expected of the winners of Inclusive Spaces?
  36. Winners of Inclusive Spaces are expected to commit to a mutually agreed period of engagement between the team(s) and Frasers Property to explore potential refining and implementation of their solutions in Frasers Property’s Malls.

  37.  When should I apply?
  38. From now till 12:00pm on 29th March 2019 when application closes.

  39.  Am I accepted after I register?
  40. No, you will be sent an official email invitation by 29th March 2019 if you have been selected to participate as to which you need to RSVP to the email with confirmation of your attendance to the entire duration of the hackathon by 11:59pm on 1st April 2019.

  41.  When should I expect a response on my acceptance?
  42. By 11.59pm on 29th March 2019.

  43.  When should I RSVP my attendance by?
  44. By 11:59pm on 1st April 2019.

  45.  What is Inclusive Spaces?
  46. Frasers Property believes that everyone's experience matters, and we constantly strive to improve on the experiences of our stakeholders.
    Inclusive Spaces aims to bring together students, employees and beneficiaries who are interested to play a part in building an inclusive environment, via a highly participatory, empowering and educational platform.
    Participants will collaborate to develop and implement innovative solutions to create a more inclusive experience for beneficiaries at Frasers Property’s malls.

  47.  Who is (these)abilities?
  48. (these)abilities is the consultant who has been appointed to assist with the organisation of Inclusive Spaces.
    (these)abilities is an inclusive innovation company that helps other companies build and/or redesign inclusive products, services and environments that benefit not just persons with disabilities, but serves as a fresh experience for everyone.

  49.  I have other questions which these FAQ do not address.
  50. Drop us an email at with the subject title “Inclusive Spaces - Enquiry”.


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