Architect's Vision

Designed by renowned architecture practice SCDA, Rivière is a showpiece in mastering the elements of architecture – light, space, transparency, materiality and order. The residential towers are raised elegantly on structural stilts, framed by intimate gardens and sensuous water pavilions. The overall design aspires to the humanist qualities of serenity and calmness, giving poetic beauty to everyday moments. 

Led by principal architect Soo K. Chan, the highly esteemed practice has received numerous accolades including the President’s Design Award, the RIBA Award, the SIA Architectural Design Awards and prizes from the World Architecture Festival for its extensive portfolio covering luxury residences, hospitality and cultural institutions around the world

An Iconic Development by the Singapore River

The River's Centrepiece

The river winds around Rivière, a sculptural masterpiece that will no doubt be the envy of its neighbours. Next to it, serviced apartments and three conserved warehouses form the rest of the development.  

An Impressionable Welcome Home

An elevated entrance creates an exclusive sense of arrival. After all, this is a private world, perched amidst lush greenery and cool waters. 

A Natural Landscape

Although extremely private, Rivière is designed with the surroundings in mind. Nature from the river and the promenade extends inwards, creating a natural connection between river and residence, human and nature. A heritage walk also links Jiak Kim Street to the promenade.  

Irresistable Luminescense

Magnificently lit up, Rivière takes on a different character as night falls. It is the city’s beacon, seen from Marina Bay and downtown Orchard.  

Site Plan Overview

Rivière is a home awash in nature. From the languid waters of the gently flowing river to the beautifully landscaped gardens within, poetry and poise permeate every aspect of life here. Every moment is to be cherished, pondered and revered.

As long as the river flows, there will always be life.

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