Upview Malu

Upview Malu (峯汇) is a joint venture project between Frasers Property Limited, Gemdale Corporation, China Railway Construction.



No. of residential units:                             Total gross floor area (GFA):


1,013(Fully sold)                                          109,148 sqm




The project is located in Jiading New Town, Shanghai, and is a residential development comprising high-rise, duplex, social housing and 2,444sqm of community amenities.


A total of 1013 units were launched in two batches and have been fully sold. The project adopted ultra-low energy building design with sustainability features such as glazing windows with air gap for efficient heat insulation. And Sponge City Landscaping design to effectively manage and utilize rainwater in reducing flooding, improve water quality, and enhance overall water sustainability.


The development is targeted to complete in FY25.

Upview Malu, Jiading, Shanghai, China

Upview Malu, Jiading